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Heckle & Jeckle -
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— American historical and cultural audio spanning 1900-1999.

TinFoil.comEarly Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders
(wave and realaudio)

Atomic Cafe — '50s propaganda about the atomic bomb.

New additions
The Free Site
Free WAV File Recources
'Free Ring Tones, Music, More
Including Movie and TV Sound Clips

History Buff historybuff.Org
Uncensored History

More on the way ...
Little Known History
P. T. Barnum First Recorded Commerical   
Teddy Roosevelt Fall 1912 Presidential Campaign  
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping   
Amelia Earhart   
Explosion of the Hindenburg  
World War II Montage Radio News Clips  
JFK Inaugural Address January 20, 1960   
JFK Assassination November 22, 1963
Martin Luther King "I have a Dream" Speech August 28, 1963
Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald November 24, 1963
Man Lands on the Moon July 20, 1969
Apollo 13 Disaster April 13, 1970
and more ...

Train Sounds   
Other Sounds and Sound Effects:
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Cartoon Sound Effects   Comic Sound Effects   Electronics   Emergency   
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Free Sound Effects   ( dot com )

Palisades Amusement Park  --
music, sounds & radio jingles from the park

byrum.orgBullwinkle fans: Bullwinkle & Rocky, Felix The Cat, Gilligan's Island, Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!, Quantum Leap, Twilight Zone, Star Trek (voyager), The X-Files, The X-Men.

The Three Stooges

Collections of wav & sound files: Beatles, Blues Brothers, Chris Farley, Bill Clinton, Jeff Foxworthy, Joe Pesci, King of the Hill, Seinfeld Simpsons, Insults, Insults to Men, Insults to Women, Bodily Stuff, Family Values? Leotard Peddler Stupidity, Looney Tunes, Tech Support and Theme Songs @ArchiveAudio.com

13thtrack.com Halloween Sounds, CDs Radio, featuring Music and Sounds of Halloween and Streaming  24-7-365.

Beavis & Butthead Wavs — Coming soon (heh heh).

Looney Tunes, Disney, Flintstones, Scooby Doo, and
more on the way.

Clay's Oddities — Bizarre clips include the famous "duckjob," outtakes and more.Timothy Leary, Mike Wallace, Rush Limbaugh, David Brinkley loses his mind, Tom Brokaw, Casey Kasem. Famous 911 calls ...

Clay's Sound Emporium — Humorous sound files in .wav format. TV Wavs, Movie Was, The Simpsons Wavs, The Mail Call Wavs, The Atomic Cafe Wav, Pulp Fiction Wavs, The Wizard of Oz Wavs, Humorous Quotes, & How to Make Your Own Wavs.

(and More soon).

Daily WAV — A new .wav file weekday, for your listening / downloading pleasure from various films and TV shows.

Frog Star — A massive collection of over 10,000 wav clips from cartoons, TV, movies, etc.

Moviewavs.com — Sound clips from movies, cartoons & TV shows. Over 8800 wav files. RealAudio files too.

My Fave Wavs — Daily & archived .wav clips.

Natalie's Wav Page — Dozens of wav files arranged alphabetically.

Radio Commercials — Library of American Broadcasting's RAB collection. Hear Soon.

The Warner Brothers (Scooter) & Their Looney Tunes SoundSource. Everything Else too. Beatles may appear.

Wally's Weird Web Site — The famous Wally Fields site where you can order a custom .wav file with one of his many character voices. ... Wally on the Web ... Weirdo Mr. Fields.

WKRP In Cincinnati — Includes .wav show clips and exclusive greetings from the cast.

SouthPark — includes Mr. Hanky (all inclusive).

The Sound Archive is Here.

Here's more.

Archer Audio Archives — of interest to broadcasters, including:

  • Wav files of some of Thomas Edison's recordings from 1877 to 1923.
  • Linda McCartney (remembered): Clips of Paul & Linda.
  • Saint Patrick's Day; wav clips from Cheers, Daffy Duck, John Belushi and more.
  • Sgt. Pepper; wav clips of Beatles' producer George Martin's thoughts on the landmark 1967 album.
  • Christmas Audio Page; wav clips from Christmas TV, movies & radio.
  • Stars Of Christmas; wav audio holiday greetings from 42 celebrities.
  • Wav clips from MGM/UA's restored release of the animated Beatles film.
  • Interview clips regarding the Beatles' last studio effort.
  • That Awful Night — John Lennon assassinated, December 8, 1980.
  • Wav film & interview clips regarding the Beatles' first film "A Hard Day's Night".
  • Wav clips regarding the group's second film "Help!".
  • Paul McCartney Interview Clips — Wav excerpts and outtakes from broadcast interviews.
  • Thanksgiving Audio Page; wav clips from Thanksgiving TV, movies & radio.
  • "Bedism" Wav clips from the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Bed-In For Peace in Toronto.
  • The British Invasion; audio clips from the Beatles' first visit to the U.S. in February, 1964.
  • Wav clips from Christmas TV, movies & radio.
  • Wav clip tribute to "the People's Princess," with Diana, George Clooney, Elton John & others.
  • Father's Day Audio; wav clips for Father's Day.
  • Ground Hog Day; wav clips from "Ground Hog Day" edited for radio use.
  • Halloween Audio; wav clips from Halloween TV, movies & radio.
  • Wav & RealAudio files for America's major holidays, from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to the Fourth of July, from New Year's Eve to Thanksgiving.
  • President John Fitzgerald Kennedy — 1960-1963 .wav clips from the Archer Audio Archives and the Daniel Fuentz Collection.
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. — .wav audio clips.
  • Leap Year; audio clips for February 29th.
  • Mother's Day Audio: TV Moms — Wav clips of TV moms from Wilma Flintstone to Roseanne.
  • Frank Sinatra - Wav interview clips & an outtake from "It Was A Very Good Year"
  • Voices Of The Presidents; wav files of U.S. presidents from 1908-1998.
  • Valentine's Day Audio; wav clips from TV shows, a montage & arrow sfx.
  • 4th Of July Audio; historic and comic Independence Day .wav clips, plus a 4th Of July music montage.
  • April Fools (Wayne) spoof news stories and other April Fools wav clips.

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